About Us

Who we are?

Hamdi Al-Herbawi Company for Home Electrical Appliances started its commercial journey, at the hands of Hajj Hamdi Al-Harbawi, a prominent and distinguished name in the world of entrepreneurship, to establish the highly efficient Mega brand.

Out history

More than three decades of experience and giving, great successes, continuous development, to cover the company’s products the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and parts of the occupied interior.

What we provide?

Our company provides the main electrical goods needed by a stylish home, and makes a great effort to maintain a distinguished level, and provides products with the best international standards, and a specialized staff that supervises and follows-up and provides after-sales services and maintenance services with high efficiency, our company adopts safety standards, provides products with The highest international standards certificates, safety in use, ability to withstand frequent use, and high durability, to meet the needs and aspirations of the consumer.